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For the ambitious people out there,What problems do you face for being ambitious?

For the ambitious people out there,What problems do you face for being ambitious?

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  1. Not me but a good friend of mine. He’s ambitious but thinks that whatever he does because of his ambition is the right thing to do.

    Example: He wanted a specific kinda job, but he isn’t qualified for it and has already focussed on a different field in the same industry. He recently found a job that paid really well and he was even offered a car by his employer which he could use whenever he wanted (a pretty luxurious car). But his ambition got in the way. That job wasn’t what he wanted so he secretly kept applying for jobs that were more similar to what he wanted to do. He refused to take the car he was offered by his then current employer (picture that, he rejected a free car) and went job hunting. He eventually applied for a job at a company that was owned as a subsidiary by his actual employer. They found out he was secretly applying for other jobs just a month after starting to work for them. They cancelled his contract as his actions were dishonest and his integrity was now in question.

    He didn’t get the other job, was fired from his real job and now has nothing. No income, no car, no comfortable job where he just worked 3 days a week from home and made more money than most people make working 40+ hours a week.

    The thing is, we all told him that what he was doing is wrong. He knew it was weird to apply for other jobs while acting like he was super hyped about his other job. But he would just nod and go back to what he was doing: secretly trying to get away from his job and find another one, not even thinking for a second that his employer relied on him.

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