Florida is entering ‘Full Phase 1’ of its coronavirus recovery plan – live news stream

Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey discussed how things are going in his city.




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  1. A lot better if one company of yours owns the building and real estate and your other company owns the business and pays you rent. But a lot business do not own both , that is my point

  2. Of course they are. They tweaked their numbers and fired a scientist who refused to make her software reflect those "changes". The damn news just blasted it hours ago.
    DeSantis is about as smart as Trump.

  3. Contrary to popular belief, the last two weeks Florida Covid-19 is accelerating from (7-day average) 606 (May 3) to 780 new cases each day as of (May18). With the best fit straight line from the last 2 wks, this means another 1200 deaths in the next 30 days. Last year's flu season for Florida was a bad one and there were only 176 deaths in the average 30 day period. Almost 7 times worse and it will increase more and faster. Of course, no one seems to care abount Grandma anymore.

  4. They can continue with Trump's plan now the DeSantis has fired the woman who was supplying the real-time data. She was honest. So, they fired her. Another Republican scandal is coming.

  5. Other governors need some lessons from the governor of Florida!!!👌👍🙌 What’s the hold? And why blame China when some of our governors operate by Chinese regime by controlling people’s life!!!

  6. Blacks have dark skin which negatively impacts vitamin D3 production, which is a primary ingredient in your immune system. Why is no one talking about this? Blacks and Hispanics need to take vitamin D to help resist Covid 19.

  7. This pandemic has become a numbers game, people. It’s real…and some die from it…Governments and many people just are willing to take the risk. If you’re within six feet of someone who has it and they cough or sneeze, your chances of contracting it will go up. If they touch certain surfaces and then you touch that surface and then your nose or eyes, your risk of getting COVID 19 go up. The global death rate is between 4 – 6%. Many like their odds with a virus mortality of less than 10% (with most of those being over 50 years old). I think that’s why the stores and restaurants are packed.

  8. I live in Tallahassee. I saw a restaurant that was way more than 50% capacity and nobody was wearing masks. The waiters were at least but none of the guest.

  9. I say the infection will rise 100 fold by the end of the first week in June. This action will cause a huge panic and the death toll will rise exponentially and surpass a million by the end of july. Other countries will shun the US as a place of a death plague and America will be no more. Trump is the cause of this by his actions of bullying other countries and turning our allies into enemies. Making or enemies stronger as we lose our friends. No help will come and those that supported the orange menace will either hide in shame of deny they supporter him. His denial of this plague and willingness to do the right thing will kill us all. I personally do not forgive a single Trump supporter you all deserve this hell you are about to face. As for me I took steps in insure my health and wellbeing.

  10. Why is everyone acting like opening up will be and is a good thing, it isnt. I get that people need money, and we need that to get food and provide for our families, but that doesnt mean we need to reopen, there should be food trucks going around and providing food shipments for homes that are specific to the number of people in that family. But reopening just to get the economy back up to speed, is borderline insane. You can fix the economy later, you can't bring back people from the dead.

  11. Nothing has changed. There is no vaccine and there are no good treatments.People have just decided to chance it and they do not care how many they will infect or how many will die.Hiding out in Florida I will wait for the vaccine.

  12. This administration can't follow their own guide lines that trump wants everything back open, but then flips flops, liberator state but then blame the governors of cases go up but we don't need to test it's overrated if you test you'll just have more cases, the response is chaotic and data buried. Where's the truth in all this, stay safe,think of the risks.

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