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Female flatmate wanted in Greenslopes

I own a townhouse in Greenslopes, right next to the busway, and I am seeking a female flatmate to share the top two floors with an existing female flatmate. Rent is $220/week, bills included (electricity, water, broadband [nbn in january], netflix). There’s 3 bedrooms so you and the flatmate get to share a second room as a study or storage or whatever.

The owner, myself, is a dude, I’m living in a seperate/self-contained space on the bottom floor – happy to socialise with said flatmates but also happy to just leave you be in your space, but you need to be okay with having a dude sharing a front door.

Ideally would be someone quiet as it’s not a party house and in a quiet estate. Nurses/shift workers welcome. Existing flatmate(s) are geeky but not over the top.

[More info and photos can be found here.](

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Please note i’ve already started renovations and should be complete momentarily, I’ve put brand new laminate flooring in which has totally modernised the place.

^(Pretty please can we not turn this into some incel-comment / trolling thread.)

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