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Fellow guys of brisbane, how the hell do I prevent my bathing suit from being a geologists dream after a day at the beach?

I’m sure some of you can relate to this, but after spending like an hour swimming I found that my bathing suit was filled with pebbles and my 31C5 and ass were absolutely mauled by tiny rocks. How do I go to the beach without getting rocks in my bathing suit?

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  1. Get a pair of swim trunks without the inner mesh that’s catching all the sand and garbage the waves are churning up.

    You may find the ball-flopping a little uncomfortable, but not as bad as the dick sanding.

  2. What sort of beaches/what are you doing that’s getting so much stuff in your bathing suit?

    Personally I just wear old pairs of running shorts to the beach, but with underwear underneath as well just because I don’t like free balling. But I swim and lie on my towel on the beach and don’t end up with a groin full of crap.

  3. I usually wear compression shorts under my board shorts. That way I can go in the water but also dry off before heading somewhere else, not worrying about sand in the crevasses of my sack and crack, and be able to hit up a bar comfortably. We usually hit up the beaches then head straight to the bars on the boardwalk and dance and stuff. Kind of weird freeballing it without something there.

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