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Fellas, what is your reaction when your lady wears a very bare/ohhhy outfit out with her friends?

My lady is going out with her friends for one of their birthdays and she was lookin smokin hot in this outfit that really just covered her boobs and had a few thin straps that wrapped around her back.

My initial response was “you’re wearing THAT tonight?” in a surprised tone and she was initially offended until I snapped out of my insecurities. It was a non issue in the end and she’s rockin that ohhhy fit tonight.

It had me curious what most guys initially think when they see their SO ohhhy outfits prior to going out?

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  1. I dated a girl once who would go out like that and I’d be jealous as hell and hated it…but it turns out I just didn’t trust her. I’ve dated others since who I trust and now I just think hell yeah, I’m dating a hottie, and I do by best to hype them up

  2. Sorta like you. The initial shock and jealously goes away after I realize I see tons of girls where stuff like that. It’s not like she’s naked or anything.

  3. if shes gunna cheat on you shes going to cheat whether she wears a hoodie and sweats, or a crop top and skirt. so at the end of the day, always be cool with your girl wearing what she wanna wear. plus she will think that its hot as fuck that u dont care so ur gunna be going balls deep when she shows back up at the pad

  4. One of that group will be cheating. It could easily be your (cough) lady.

    Girls nights out make the top 10 list of red flags over on r/survivinginfidelity

    They are a license to cheat and they all cover for each other.

  5. It wouldn’t be happening. Mostly because she’s not the sort of woman who goes out dressed like that, but also because I wouldn’t be okay with it. You can look good without being half naked.

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