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Does nose size have a big impact on how attractive someone is to you? Why or why not?

Does nose size have a big impact on how attractive someone is to you? Why or why not?

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  1. I mean there’s a limit to the size of anything I’d find attractive but I can’t honestly say I’ve ever seen a woman and thought “I’d be into her if it weren’t for that nose”.

  2. It’s not the size only but the shape. I like big hooked noses. Or ones with prominent like bump on the top bridge part or when the middle cartilage part sticks out farther than the nostril flares.

    Average looking noses are boring.

  3. Not really. I *prefer* smaller noses but, if I’m emotionally invested in someone in a long-term relationship, I will grow to find pretty much everything about them physically attractive, even if I wasn’t particularly drawn to those features initially.

  4. I’ve never seen a nose that turned me off of a woman before, but I have seen plenty that I’ve found cute or distinctive. So, it’s impactful, but only positively, as far as I’ve seen.

  5. Not really, it has to be a pretty notable departure from the norm for me to notice a woman’s nose size.

    Now, once you start getting into extremes, it very quickly starts to have an impact.

  6. I mean yours probably is not that extreme and are probably insecure. But anyways it depends on what is going on around the nose. I am not passing up a total babe because of a larger than average nose. If you are right on the edge it may become a factor, but not likely.

  7. Not really into big noses. Although I’d be willing to look past it (no pun intended) if she was awesome. I’m like 60/40 brains over looks but there is a level of attraction I need to have to a girl

  8. Reading all these responses are amazing me, I’ve always been insecure about my nose. It’s not too big or humpy but it’s kind of long and I’ve always been insecure about my nose from the side, I never in my life thought that there was potential for my nose to be attractive..

  9. I adore a woman with a strong profile. I am definitely Team Pre-Nosejob Jennifer Grey.

    I just wanna persian princess with a prominent prow.

    I can dig women with an average size nose, but women with tiny little button noses look like children to me. Not into that.

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