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Does it hurt your crotch to run naked? If not, how does it feel?

Does it hurt your crotch to run naked? If not, how does it feel?

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  1. It depends really. The male crotch changes it’s size constaly. The balls can droop lower or higher, the penis can be in turtle or full glory mode based on outside factors as well.

    For example, if you’re running naked in full glory mode and you turn sideways to look behind you, kind of that half side run and get too close to a door frame, then yes, it will hurt. However, if it were in turtle mode, you could miss the frame by 2, 3, or maybe even more clearance.

    Same with the balls, if they’re tucked up nice and tight you’ll probably be fine, but if they’re hanging down lower than the ball drop in Time Square on New Years, than it will most likely hurt.

  2. Weird way to ask if it hurts our balls?

    It does for me, I have extra sensitive testicles though and they are larger than average so they swing around like hell and smack into everything they can. Hurts while clothed too. If I’m running sometimes I’ve gotta support them. Gotta get me a jockstrap!

  3. I am a woman, when you get older, the outer labia starts to swayyy, it is soo weird, had to grow back the bush to help this. I don’t visit that spider filled nest much anymore…

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