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Do your thighs rub together? If so what do you do?

Yea it sounds like a stupid question, but, all my life I’ve been really skinny. And just recently my thighs started rubbing together, I think it’s giving me a “thigh burn” if you will.

I’m not overweight, in fact for the first time in my life I have a normal weight and BMI for my height. So this can’t be uncommon can it?

Anyways what do you all do about it because it really kisss (besides eating healthy and not skipping leg day), thanks!

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  1. If your weight isn’t the problem and you just have naturally narrow thigh gaps/waist, then it’s all about the underwear you use.

    Well fitted boxer briefs, in a material that’s soft, should help a lot.

  2. I started wearing longer briefs. I prefer Under Armour but there are a bunch of other brands that have similar products. Don’t get the cotton ones, they still ride up.

  3. I use überlube. Two pumps, rub into thighs – don’t even notice any thigh rub. Combine that with breathable, moisture wicking boxer briefs (normal or long) – you should be good.

  4. Boxer briefs. I did stop wearing them a while ago as my wife and I are trying to have a second child and my swimmers need all the help they can get. Now I use fresh balls during the summer when it is a big issue for me. They sell it on Amazon. My wife even uses it.

  5. It’s probably an underwear problem. Try switching over from briefs to boxers or boxer briefs.

    Personally I’d recommend Deluth trading buck naked boxers or anything from Saxx boxers. Both brands got some extra room for your fellas and boy oh boy is it freeing.

    Yes they’re abit more expensive. But it’s one of those things like. Better to have one or a few expensive ones that will last and be of much higher quality. Than going through a bunch of cheap ones that make you miserable and your constantly replacing them.

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