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Do you think you can truly call yourself a man if you don’t lift? Why or why not?

I think every man should be able to at least curl 60 and bench 100, y’know . Men are blessed with athletic bodies, so maybe you shouldn’t waste it. I’m not saying you have to be a bodybuilder, but if you can’t lift, I’m not sure I can respect you as a fellow alpha and shit.

No disrespect to those who don’t lift though. You’re gucci and shit, but I just think you should start lifting and get gains

But that’s just my personal opinion

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  1. You sound like an idiot, but also like every other gym meat head I know. Lifting has nothing to do with being a man. Anybody can go lift weights. Girls aren’t masculine because they do it and guys that don’t aren’t less masculine because they don’t.

  2. I mean my grandparents generation in my family’s home country definitely never lifted and were largely slim from malnutrition, but no-one could have said those people who did 12-14 hours of work a day to survive and feed their family weren’t truly men.

    It’s certainly a nice plus and I think it’s good for everyone to be in the best shape they can be but I don’t think it defines anyone as a man.

  3. -Men are blessed with athletic bodies- nope athletic bodies are built

    -I’m not sure I can respect you as a fellow alpha and shit- no alpha ever had to tell someone they were an alpha. If you have to tell someone, you’re clearly not.

    – But that’s just my personal opinion- exactly and it doesn’t mean shit

    The following is a direct quote of the OP, this is what you think being a ‘man’ is.

    “**I (18M) feel the need to assert my phycial male dominance to disrespecting females. Aybody else feel the need to beat up a person when they’re rude to you?** “

  4. >I’m not sure I can respect you as a fellow alpha and shit.

    So, despite this dead tell that you’re a 12-year-old, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re looking for an honest answer, and not just a troll.

    Every man should exercise. Period. Whether that’s yoga, or lifting heavy things, or running or whatever, there’s too much benefit to your life of doing something physical consistently to view it as anything but an absolute essential.

    There’s freedom in discipline. You always know what you’ll be doing for x long at x time on x day, every day or week. So you can turn your brain off and just do it. And in 3 months, or 6 months, or a year, or 3 years, you see that number going up, and feel a great sense of achievement and confidence.

    Personally, I prefer lifting heavy things short distances, but I won’t always be able to do that. My sports injuries are starting to come back to bite me, and I don’t recover as fast as I used to. But it’s vitally important I keep my muscles in shape, because it helps with my health, ability to stay active, and so I don’t hurt my back sneezing or lifting something, or break an ankle slipping on ice.

    There’s also the intimidation factor you get from being big. Other people are less likely to mess with you if they think there’s a non-zero chance they’ll get hurt by doing so. And if you have the stamina to out-last them in a scrap, so much the better.

    I don’t give a shit *what* a man does for physical activity. Just *that* he does. As far as respect goes? Respect is earned. You earn it by showing willing, and trying, not by holding yourself up to some Platonic Ideal Man.

  5. >I’m not sure I can respect you as a fellow alpha and shit.

    I lift, and I can’t respect any one who unironically thinks like this, so there’s that.

    Also, curling 60 and benching 100 are two EXTREMELY different things. So different it makes me doubt if you lift at all.

  6. [No one in this picture](×480-16-1200×0-c-default.jpg)^[1] lifted a day in their lives. Look at how smol they are.

    Why is something that became mainstream less than 40 years ago the definition of manhood? How about the standard measure of “loving father, devoted husband, pillar of the community, leaves the world better than when he entered it?”

    Judging by the personal lives of the average enlisted military personnel, their manhood leaves a lot to be desired by that definition.

    [1] Anti-tank gunners from 8th Marines at Guadalcanal, November, 1942.

  7. man is a term with near no definition it is more or less the statement adult male and that means so little to be judged on it does not work.

    plus you say your military your whole job is to be a subservient instrument to others whims you do not lead human groups in any meaningful sense so from a basic meaning of words you are not an alpha.

    alpha is also not a real thing given how nuts human societies are.

    no offence was intended with this post just clinical use of what words mean.

  8. “ So basically I’ve been using a fake ID to get fucking stoned and wasted, but I accidently blurted out to the store owner about it, and he for some reason reported me to the boys in blue.

    I decided that it’d be a good idea to use fake mustache, fedora, and a fake voice in order to buy alcohol and shit, y’know? I was trying to do a badass Clint Eastwood impression, and I was somehow caught and I was thrown in jail because he banned me from his shop the last time. I was fined about $700, and I was thrown in jail for a few hours. There was also some court and legal shit that I forgot about.

    r/Askmen, how would you cope with this? Are there any other ideas you have to buy beer and shit as a 19 year old?” -OP

    OP’s one of the lamest trolls I’ve ever seen. Bummer.

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