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Do you think you are a narcissist with same called personality disorder. What is it like?

Do you think you are a narcissist with same called personality disorder. What is it like?

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  1. I have something called “compensatory narcissism” which is essentially narcissistic traits that I’ve adapted as a result of an emotionally abusive childhood at the hands of a narcissistic parent.

    Basically, I have narcissistic episodes when I feel emotionally threatened. Now that I’m aware, it happens less often. But when I go through those traits, there are lots of things that are toxic to my relationships with others and myself.

    Grandiose ideas about myself, stunted empathy, “narcissistic rage” (hasn’t happened in a long long time though), gaslighting/lying, wearing a “mask” of my personality to fit certain situations. But simultaneously, low self worth, constant negative thoughts about myself, drained emotional energy.

    It has been exhausting at times. And I’m happy to say I’m finally working through these things and being able to admit when I’m wrong, or apologize after the fact. But they’re a part of me that I can’t necessarily eliminate, only assimilate. So I live my life as best I can without allowing them to take the wheel.

  2. I think I’m pretty narcissistic fairly often. I don’t really know what/how to describe it. I put undue importance on how I feel, on how things affect me, I don’t look outward enough, I’m not very selfless, got a lot of pride. Trying to work on it, mostly though religion. Don’t know if it’s working really, but I figure it’s better to try then just let it run rampant. Good question though.

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