Do you guys leak seminal fluid when you use the restroom if you haven’t ejaculated in a while?

I’ve noticed I do that but wonder if it happens to anyone else?

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  1. I done stayed dumpin’ loads all over the goddamn place ever since my first birthday. This meat like a fireman’s hose, you just gotta grab on to it and pray it don’t get into your eyes or your mouth. This is my life, what can I say. I just try and stay motivated through adversity, but, sometimes I just wanna…

    I’ll but a nut anywhere, at any time, under any circumstance because I like it. I’ll bust right now, oh, you won’t think I will right now, “climaXXXing”, as I’m typing this shit dog? I just busted on some bitch foot probably, and it probably ate that foot cause I guess I’m just treating me right, huh? I’m so stupid…

  2. I can confirm that there’s nothing wrong with you. I attempted No Nut November two years in a row (just because) and it was a common thing as your body will have to dispose of the excess semen somehow. Some get wet dreams, some of it gets absorbed, and some just leaks out when you take a piss or something.

    I believe it’s mentioned somewhere on the NoFap website too, if you want to read more about it.

  3. I know exactly what you mean, OP! It’s happened to me occasionally since I was a kid… I’m in my 40s now. I also tend to produce big loads >tsp<tbsp when I do ejaculate… Maybe there’s some correlation there?

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