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Do you get jealous when other guys look at your girl? Or are you proud?

My boyfriend always gets jealous and prefers it when guys don’t check me out. I’m always flattered by the attention, but never lead anyone on. I feel like if I were him I’d be proud to have a girl that other guys want, and only jealous if that girl gave those guys a chance. What do you think?

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  1. Depends on how they look at her.

    Depends on her attitude about it and how she responds to it.

    I could see her being flattered by it very easily being taken the wrong way by a boyfriend, though.

  2. As long as it’s not overtly inappropriate there’s not much I can do. Only once I’ve confronted a guy. But feeling proud? I don’t need confirmation from other men that my wife is attractive.

  3. No, not really, if the girl I’m seeing revels in it, like through IRL interactions or on social media, then it might become a problem, but for the most part, I don’t see it with pride or jealousy, people check out others they find attractive. Essentially, it comes down to her reaction.

  4. Not jealous, but rather disrespected on her behalf. 99% of the time, I’m cool with it. Everyone looks, but it’s how they look that can get to me. If they glance or get caught staring absentmindedly, then I don’t really care since she can use the confidence and I enjoy pointing out her since it makes her blush.

    But there are some guys who leer at her to the point that it can make her uncomfortable, and those guys, with her permission, get a talking to.

  5. Low key brag, my SO get hit on quite a bit, vry pretty great smile, semi flirty by nature. Its annoying at times but honestly she comes home and tells me the stories. Kinda indifferent on how i feel, not pride but not jealous

  6. Jealous, hate it

    Particularly when I see things like “I’m flattered by the attention but never lead anyone on”

    There was a woman at work who was harassing me with very sexual comments, I shut that down immediately, was not flattered.

    I would expect my wife to do the same

  7. Basically her reaction. If she draws a boundary line and keeps the interactions friendly then I am ok with it.

    But if she doesnt and then enables them in their behavior(like when they make small passes) then yeah. I get mad.

    I dont show it that moment. But i do mention it a bit later on afterwards that it got to me.

  8. I used to get jealous but now I don’t. Once you know she’s loyal to you there is nothing another man can do to take her away. Take care of your women or someone else will!

  9. the girlfriend here! anytime my boyfriend hears someone compliment me we almost always laugh at it together, he’ll usually he’ll poke at me and say ‘ooo X Person has a crush on you’ (to ourselves away from other people its not to make anyone feel bad obviously” he kind of confirms compliments to me like well you are cute and stuff like that. We also haven’t had much jealousy issues either so that may help, on top of being friends 10 years prior to dating. the key is you guys are partners and those guys are just giving you reminders you have a great girl!

    as long as they you know, are actually great and not just pretty.

  10. Not particularly bothered by it – not proud but don’t get wound up by it. However, if a guy is leering at her I’ll put myself between her and him/ if I can tell or she says she’s uncomfortable will do the same.

  11. A good looking women is a good looking women, I cant blame other men or women for looking at my wife, she is a solid 10, its how they look, I dont need to stick up for my wife, she can and will do that for her self. I only step in when need be.


    I’m extremely proud that an ugly bastard like myself can land some one way out of my league,

  12. He’s risking you’ll be flattered some day by someone you’ll fancy even more than him.

    What if you guys ever hit a dry patch in your relationship, and suddenly “the right one” shows up? These are the risks a man has to wrestle with. No, it’s not fun or easy to be dating a beautiful woman.

  13. I dont care if they are checking her out per say. Its mildly irritating. But when they make small passes Jr flirting and shes not even trying to stop them. Then yeah. I get mad.

    I may not get loud. But i do get mad and i mention it later on. I have dealt with cheaters. So I m a big fan of relationships where you dont need to be a pit dog over each kther. But boundariy lines are stickler. You can have guys friends for all i care. But when they toe that line, you need to put a stop to it right then and there.

    I have dropped female friends for this too. If they are making moves or flirting with me. I tell em to get lost.

  14. Flattered by the attention? It sounds like you don’t care much about the way it makes your boyfriend feel. I don’t imagine you’d appreciate it much if tons of women checked your man out, wanting to sleep with him.

    Like talking about actors you think are hot right in front of him. It’s rude. Not the end of the world, of course, but… Well, I guess people have different opinions on this…

  15. We’re more of the “hey check out this one” type, so I don’t get offended when guys look at her. I’d be annoyed if someone was flirting with her, but I always trust her to deter any guy willing to try. It’s the same the other way, if someone was to check me out, she’d be happy to have “cought the prize”.

  16. I honestly don’t mind or care if someone checks my girlfriend out as we are taking a stroll somewhere. The thing that would bother me though would be if they were a friend or coworker and they were being persistent in trying to get her attention. That wouldn’t be cool at all. It also wouldn’t be cool if she didn’t shut down those attempts (went with it ) and let me know it was happening and that she enjoyed. That’s an obvious red flag! I understand that you can be flattered by getting some attention from someone who is not your significant other but come on, if you really cared about them you wouldn’t let that shit get out of hand & you would shut it down immediately! I know that my girlfriend is attractive and sexy. I definitely do not want other fucking people telling me this (especially when they’re obviously trying to get at her) and I know damn sure she wouldn’t want to be dealing with this same bullshit with me! Lol.

  17. If I know my girl is way out of my league. I am going to be a little jealous when some good looking dude starts flirting with her.

    But if I know that we are mutually interested in one another. Then I can be proud of her and stop being jealous.

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