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Do you get easily irritated with you SO, if so, why?

Do you get easily irritated with you SO, if so, why?

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  1. I dated her for 6 years before I proposed to her, and we’ve been married for almost 2 years now.

    We get irritated with each other occasionally, but it’s almost never anything serious, and we work together really well to try to squash any perceived sleights or issues while they’re small so that they don’t grow into resentments later.

    And that’s why I married her.

  2. I’m not sue how you quantify “easily” …..

    When I do get *irritated* it’s because I’ll be trying to say something and she cuts me off in mid sentence and takes the conversation in a completely different direction.

    I’ve adopted a strategy of avoidance on some topics completely as I know how this script plays out

  3. Only when I ask if she’s ok and she says “fine” but obviously isn’t.

    I have zero time for that bullshit. I’ll just accept that everything is “fine” and go on about my day.

    She can come hash whatever out with me when she decided to act like an adult.

  4. Sometimes I do, and he does as well.

    I get a little miffed when he abruptly changes the topic when I’m talking casually about multiple things, but he tends to hyperfocus on one topic and he can only concentrate on so much. I’m a talker.

    He gets kind of irate when I say I’m _fine_, when I’m not. A bad habit I’ve had forever, from having unwelcome and explosive reactions to being honest from other people. I’m trying to be better.

    We work out our differences though and talk things through. That helps a ton.

  5. this weird clicking sound w their mouth sometimes… they don’t do it on purpose (i don’t think?) or always having to b tapping something LOUDLY. tap ur finger on ur leg, y u gotta be tapping ur laptop keyboard w a pen at all hours of the day, i’m tryna think over here.

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