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Do you find Scarlett Johansson attractive? If so why?

Do you find Scarlett Johansson attractive? If so why?

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  1. I mean from what is shown on movies etc hell yeah! Nobody here knows how she looks fresh faced right out the shower but I don’t it’s a huge difference. But, I’ve been wrong before makeup is a deceiving tool after all

  2. Yes, physically because of her face, body, and voice. However I really have no idea what kind of person she really is and whether or not I’d find her attractive once I found out.

  3. Like with any good actress (and for those that are so inclined: actors. Leonardo di Caprio and Brad Pit even brought me to the point of weakness as a hetero), this depends on the circs, basically YES, and esp if she makes herself up to look ‘presentable’, she’s a really good actress, I eg loved her in the Woody Allen movie Scoop.

  4. Yes. Funny you mention that, I’m going to her now to make my proposal. I may not be rich and famous, but I intend to be a good husband and give her many children, and a wholesome family life.

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