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Do some guys not like receiving oral ohhh? Or maybe not as much as others? Why?

Do some guys not like receiving oral ohhh? Or maybe not as much as others? Why?

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  1. Definitely prefer giving over getting. It’s hard for me to pay attention. I like to be involved instead of just sitting there. I like to touch, kiss, and explore. It can be nice if it’s brief and intense but it usually isn’t and I change positions if I don’t feel like it’s working for me.

  2. I’m not going to add anything to this conversation, but I have had some seriously mind blowing blowjobs in my life, that were way better than sex. And then I’ve had ones where I have had to tell the person to stop because it wasn’t doing anything at all for me. I’ve also had people who have expressed that they don’t like doing it but feel like they need to. I always respond that I’d never want them to do something they don’t like. So for me, it really comes down to it being good, and the person wanting to do it. Honestly I would prefer a good blowjob over sex, but those are extraordinarily rare.

  3. Gay 30 yo male here. For a long time I thought there was something wrong with me since I didn’t like receiving oral sex. It took me way longer to get off that way for some reason (as opposed to manual or anal sex) so I’d get really in my head about it and worry that the other guy was getting tired/annoyed, and that would make it even harder for me to reach orgasm (or even stay hard sometimes). Over time, I’ve just come to accept that’s how my body works, and adjust according to the situation. If I’m with a guy who really loves giving head, I’ll just relax and let him go as long as he wants. If it’s going on for a while, I’ll just say “let me know if you want me to take over” to give them an out. If I’m with a guy who prefers to receive, then I’m more than happy to just pleasure him (I’m a huge cock slut haha) even if it’s not reciprocal. I just try to keep it fun and chill, and the other person usually picks up on that and does the same.

    I see a few people here mentioning circumcision. I’m circumcised but I don’t think that has to do with it, especially since I can get off fine through other types of stimulation. And I’ve gone down on a LOT of guys, and have never noticed any correlation between how long it takes them to cum and whether they’re cut or uncut. Just my two cents

  4. If a woman wants to have sex with me in any form, I am thankful and grateful. Giving yourself to another person is a wonderful thing regardless of form and if she does or doesn’t want to do something specific I’m more than ok. Even if it is not my favorite thing, it’s still wonderful. And just for the record, BJs are absolutely wonderful.

  5. It’s not that easy for me to cum and oral usually doesn’t do it for me. That and unless I’m freshly showered and groomed I don’t need to force a girl’s into my bramble patch

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