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Do men worry what they are going to smell like when a woman is about to go down on them? Woman are like

Do men worry what they are going to smell like when a woman is about to go down on them? Woman are like

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  1. Absolutely. If I even think there’s a chance of getting head from my wife, I go to bathroom, grab a wash cloth and clean up real quick before headed to the bedroom.

    I would hope you all pay you all have that simple amount of courtesy. We’re not animals

  2. You have to, you have to be considerate of your partner. But I guess there are some smelly guys out in these streets, one time this girl said right after sex “thank you for smelling good.” Who knows what she has been through.

  3. My wife has a strict in the shower or right after policy. Been that way since we discussed the rules of the road. Sometimes that means two showers a day, but thats an easy price to pay.

  4. I usually have a pretty good idea when I’m a bit funky down there, and I wouldn’t seek to have a woman go down on me without getting cleaned up first if I thought my junk was funky. Not without a shower or at least washing myself off by hand, either in a sink or with a washcloth.

    Call me crazy, but I’d swear that I can physically feel it on my skin, I think maybe from the humidity associated with it, if I’ve developed a funk, such as from getting sweaty and then not all of that sweat evaporating properly and getting out of my pants.

    **tl;dr:** I definitely take some care with it, and try to be aware of it, but I wouldn’t say that I worry, per se.

  5. If it’s been more than a couple hours since I showered, I try to sneak in a scratch’n’sniff to assess the situation. otherwise I’ll say something like “I like where this is headed, but in our best interest I’m call a time out and hop in the shower real quick ” That usually does the trick

  6. Yes…

    In fact after a night out if I’ve gone back somewhere with a girl & I am expecting sex I will normally excuse myself to go toilet and then give me dick & balls a quick wash in the sink.

    Dependent on the girl I am with I am also guna give my bum a quick soapy wash in case she is one of them freaky girls that enjoys licking the booty hole.

  7. Heres the thing, people have a ton of apocrine sweat glands in the groin (and armpits). Apocrine glands make stinky sweat.

    Wash your smelly ass and balls you nasty motherfuckers. Use soap.

  8. You need to stay clean as possible so you do not run into this problem. Even after you work out and say your lady friend stops by hit the shower. She will understand. Just tell her to make herself comfortable. This also allows her to poke around if she is the nosy type. Which I am personally fine with. When you have nothing to hide you do not care if she is using your phone, computer etc. When you get out the shower just show up in a towel and smile. Ask her if she needs anything. If she says no then get dressed. If you are at her house but you have been out and about with her remember you have been peeing with that thing. You have to clean it off in the sink. Make sure your balls are clean too. Yea you took a shower before going out with her but you may have done some walking might be a little sweat who knows. Do not be the dirty dick guy. She might not say it but your ass will get labeled.

  9. Yes. I am someone who has suffered with weight issues all my life (basically fixed it now and Im pretty good shape) so tend to sweat a lot.
    I usually try and shower right before. I want a woman to have a good time and I think its only right.

  10. Yeah I do. I also am very meticulous in how I take care of myself. I keep it very clean. 100 percent would not let anyone go down there unless Im sure. Which is strange because I really love the natural smell of a woman.

  11. I never ask for anything I wouldn’t do myself. So if I ever ask for a blowjob, it’s because id be okay sucking my own dick at that moment. So like I always touch it then smell my fingers. If it’s okay, then yeah go. Otherwise, I just don’t ask for it. If she REALLY want to do it, then it’s up to her. But I think it smells really bad, I’d be like either I go wash it, or you don’t kiss me afterward.

    I get not every guy can have that logic thought. But I’m bi, so yeah ahah.

  12. I always take a moment away to sort my stuff out. Have a wizz and wash my dick. If I wouldn’t want to do it, why should anyone else.

    I also tend to keep a set of very visible wet wipes in the bath room. Most girls get the idea.

  13. I have a horror story to share. About 15 years ago I went to a festival. It was a carshow, drag racing, autoX, burnout and cruising festival. 5 days of rubber, fuel.and alcohol.

    I wasn’t drinking so I was the designated driver. My buddy had a van. Nothing special, just an old Dodge van with a 360 V8, bences that folded into a huge bed, table with cupholders and a big stereo. It didn’t look particularly nice but it did its job.

    He had been sleeping and.partying in that thing for 4 days. No showers, lots of beer, booze and amphetamine, sitting in burnout clouds and on his ass on the pleather bences.

    I was driving, the events for that day were finished and we were cruising through downtown and looking for car meets or a party. We were four guys, van owner, his little brother, our mutual cousin, and I.

    We picked up a girl we had met the night before at a party in the festival camping grounds. She know of a party and we could join her.

    I drive and loosely follow the conversation in the back. They were taking inventory of how much booze and snacks we had. She asked him (Van owner) if he had any drugs. He said he had some speed and a little weed, but not really enough to go around. She offered to suck his dick for a bump.

    Next thing I know, the van is filled with the stench of sweaty ass and cheesy dick. I hear slurping and turn my head to see her sucking his nasty dick. I don’t know how she managed to blow him for 5 minutes or so, but she did. I’m pretty sure drugs helped. I had to open the window and still almost puked.

    What a trooper. Skanky, nasty ass trooper.

  14. I’m aware of it. I’d rather reject a BJ or rain check it, than have her suck and smell my sweaty cock.

    I wash it everyday with body shampoo and keep it trimmed. I also wipe the last drop off the tip after peeing. I noticed a huge difference when I started that, I smell fresh for longer and feel better.

    If I know I’m about to have sex or get a BJ, I will pee and give it a once over with a wetwipe or rinse it as I wash my hands.

    I expect a certain level of effort in personal hygiene, diet and exercise, and hold myself to a higher standard.

  15. I don’t need to worry, my wife never lost her mutant super smell power after pregnancy and will text me to shower when I’m still 2 miles from home.

    Before her I made sure I was always showered before I went out on a date and would warn women if I had been sweaty and active without time to shower if the moment struck without warning. Funny enough, more women than you’d suspect actually have a minor fetish for a sweaty guys junk right after a heavy workout. Now I don’t mean “I haven’t had time to shower today” I specifically mean “I showered before I got sweaty working out”. I’ve actually had GFs request that and tell me they love it. I thought it was a little wierd but BJs were to be had and I’m always at least a little horny post workout, so who an I to question it.

  16. Worry? No. Be aware and considerate? Yes.

    No woman I would like to be with enjoys a mouthful of smegma.

    For any ladies in doubt: your vagina is fine and theres nothing wrong with it. Your vulva should be rinsed thoroughly, at least every time you have your daily shower, unless you want to gather sticky nubbins in the folds and hairs.

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