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Did your tastes in women changed as you get older, what was your tastes before and what is now?

Did your tastes in women changed as you get older, what was your tastes before and what is now?

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  1. Not so much my taste as my impulse control. I still find all the same kinds of women attractive, I just don’t jump after them like I used to. Learned how to sit back and see what kind of person they are before I was knee-deep in trouble.

  2. pretty much realizing I hate anyone that stares at their phone all day every day, posts to social media often and has an account with almost any imaginable social media app.

    The many conversations I’ve had about this with the wife have been to no effect. it has gotta be the most unattractive thing to me now a days.

  3. When I was younger I very much had a type. Skinny, curly hair brunette. Now I’m almost 40 and my preference is for them not to be a cunt. Everything else I can deal with.

  4. Yes.

    I tend to concentrate more on their emotional well-being and how they react to situations more than what they look like.

    Don’t get me wrong, a sweet ass is still a sweet ass, it just doesn’t hold as much power over me as their confidence and how they treat people.

  5. My tastes before were always looking for that certain size, body type, or specifically a pretty face.

    Nowadays I still have my sexual preferences/interests, but I really go batshit crazy over an attractive voice and personality. It’s funny how important things like that get in a relationship after the initial attraction phase dies down.

    Divorced by the way, trial by fire first time around.

  6. Yea. I feel like you get better at distinguishing between sexual attraction and compatibility as you get older. A women’s character is the number 1 priority in a relationship. Just because you look at someone as a 10 doesn’t mean you would get along interpersonally so don’t bend over backwards for a woman just because of looks. I’d happily choose a 3 in looks but a 10 in character/compatibility over a 10 in looks and maybe a 6 in character/compatibility. Don’t underestimate peace of mind in a long term relationship.

  7. Before (my teenage years):

    * Sexy physique
    * Pretty face
    * Nice/polite disposition
    * Caring/supportive
    * Preferably younger than me

    Now (mid-late 20s):

    * Natural beauty
    * Emotionally stable
    * Being able to engage in passionate conversation
    * Pushes me to succeed
    * A bit older than me
    * Has mutual values, passions, & goals

    I’ve also found that I care more about personality compared to looks than I did when I was younger.

  8. Yes. I liked the tattooed, dark-haired, wild women. It always got me in trouble in some way or another. Now, I like women my age or a touch older than me these days. I like curvy women. I prefer women that are kind and more introverted rather than extroverted and super busy. Emotional intelligence is really attractive. I get why people call themselves demisexual now, because I just can’t find myself attracted to women who don’t have their shit together, who aren’t emotionally intelligent, and who aren’t well-rounded. Stability is more important. I think women in their 30s (same as me) are way sexier than others. I think it’s just relevance because I’m getting older, but they just seem way hotter with age and experience.

  9. I have loved older women and women who are cute and thick from when I was fifteen and still do till this day at 29. The other tastes I have in women has ebbed and flowed over the years, but oddly enough me not being into younger women has stayed the same for as long as I have started to notice women/girls.

  10. Somewhat. My still main attraction is still goth or emo women. I got a thing for dark eye make up, dark lipstick, jet black or brightly colored hair.
    Recently I’ve noticed I’m getting into women who are more self sufficient, DIY, HGTV renovator types.

  11. When I was younger I almost always went older. Even the same age as me was rare, usually a year or more older, and I wasn’t phased even when I was 18 and they were 22-23. Now its like, I don’t really care? As in, if I like what you look like and you have the maturity where we’re on the same page, I don’t care if you’re 25 or 38.

    That said, I had gone back to my university a couple years back to square away a couple things and I wondered if there was some high school field trip going on before suddenly realizing, these ARE the university aged student. What looked like a fellow young adult to me as a 23 year old now looks like a kid. So there’s a limit to that “I don’t care”.

    Aside from that, I don’t think my tastes changed all that much. I care about intelligence less than I used to. I care about loyalty and straightforwardness a lot more. Before I just thought I cared, now I understand the real value of it.

  12. It was all looks and bubbliness back when.

    I’m like a freaking parole officer now. Looking for the bullshit. I’m in a position now to hang out with girls more attractive then i ever wouldn’t even dreamed of talking to before. And seeing them as human/flawed was a game changer.

  13. I used to accept a lot of bad behaviour from my partners. Now I don’t tolerate it at all, and I don’t jump into relationships without getting to know the person much better. I used to date more outgoing women who were always wanting to be out partying, always ended up drinking too much, and always wanted to hookup (to the point where I would actually get tired of it). It always ended up bad, and I always ended up splitting.

    Having a great personality, fun and deep conversations, and emotional intelligence are all way more attractive and arousing qualities than just a pretty face and body. Physically, my tastes have remained pretty similar, but my priorities have shifted. It was once I realized that sex wasn’t the most important thing in the relationship that I quickly found myself in better relationships.

  14. I used to like adventurous girls, but as it turns out they’re all high-maintenance and generally insufferable… short attention spans and in need of constant stimulation to keep them happy.

    Now I prefer a girl who’s happy to just come home and relax at the end of the day, stay in and enjoy my company. And that isn’t to say we never do things or live boring lives, but if she *needs* to constantly go out, she’s probably more trouble than she’s worth. I’d rather have a good conversation than a party. A quiet night with her by a campfire than a detailed travel itinerary. A long walk after dark than a day at a crowded beach.

  15. My tastes went from slim girls when I was a teen to chubbier girls as an adult. Face became the number one thing I looked at, as opposed to their assets (breasts, booty)

  16. Physically, I still find the same types attractive as I did before – strong, short hair, a confident walk.

    Mentally tho, I used to prefer more shy and soft spoken type of women. Now, I really love a woman who says what’s on her mind directly.

  17. Yeah, it when from:

    * As far as we love each other, respect, share interests and have the same values, it would be fine.


    * I don’t want anybody, leave me alone.

  18. I was into teenagers when I was a teenager, then as an 18-20 yo I was worried I was a pedophile because I was still attracted to 16 and 17 year Olds (because they were still in my age group, but the laws on the issue made me doubt myself)

    Then there was awkward phase in 21-24 where I was only into people my age, like I could be attracted to an 18 year old, but she would still be just getting to college or living at home and I wanted to be around people in the same life progression as I was

    Now I’m pushing 30 and totally understand the hot cougar thing. As a teen I though even fully developed 25 year Olds looked old and gross but now I think no hair and no stretch marks or cellulite or scars or tattoos or anything at all looks preteen almost and it’s just not appealing. Perfect boobs look fake, saggy boobs are still totally boobs and comparable to natural non saggy boobs, and everything is just less shallow than I thought it was. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and sexy is in the eye on the boner haver

  19. It’s always been about what my age is.

    When I was a young man, I was into young women my age +/- 2 years.

    Then I got older, and I still prefer the company of women my age or about +/- 5 years.

    Before I got married I had a 19 year old pursue me in my early 30s and was incensed I really wasn’t interested in that kind of age difference. In her mind she was supposed to be absolutely amazing – and I should have KILLED to have had such a young, hot girlfriend.

    And I’ve always been about personality but boy howdy is that ratcheting up more and more as time goes on. I want a partner, not an ornament.

  20. Yeah, absolutely.

    I used to think my “ideal” was tan women, kind of that hispanic look.

    As I got older, I got more in touch with my sexuality and I’m now super into more alternative looks (i.e. pale skin, black nail polish, colored hair, piercings, maybe tattoos, etc.).

    I also wouldn’t say I care as much about looks despite that. If a girl has a sweet personality and also a hot personality (knowing how to talk and act sexually) that’s almost more important. I’d say it went from being like 85% looks 15% personality to 60% personality 40% looks

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