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Did anyone else see or capture footage of the drone crashing into 1 William Street around 8:30pm tonight?

Some %%%%wit was flying their drone (DJI Phantom or similar based off the lights) over the river and the M3 when it looks like it lost connection and decided to automatically return to home… straight into one of the upper windows of 1 William Street which it hit so hard that we could actually hear the impact from the ground. It bounced off the building once, then tried to RTH again, hit the building a second time and broke, smashing onto the footpath near the intersection of William and Margaret street, right near cars waiting at the lights. Based on the way it was heading I’d guess that whoever was controlling it was probably in or around the botanical gardens.

CASA probably won’t investigate it without photos or video of the crash which is a shame because those people are the ones that ruin it for everyone else, so if anyone has anything please let us know.

Update: Security got back to me today and advised that they took the drone right after it crashed and it’s now been handed to police who are investigating along with CASA.

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