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Dear Men, What`s The Best or most useful language to learn in your opinion ?

Except English*

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  1. For me it’s Dutch. Because it’s very handy to know the language growing up in The Netherlands.

    But I can imagine someone from India (or any other nation) to have a completely different look on this matter.

  2. Depends on where you are and why you want to learn it. But I would say Spanish is a good one in most cases. Because it’s not difficult to learn as an English speaker and it’s the 4th most spoken language in the world under English, Chinese, and Hindi

  3. Depends on where you live. Just about anywhere in the southern half of the US will be Spanish. If you go to Montreal a lot it will be French. If there’s a predominant foreign population near you, whatever language they speak.

    I took Spanish for 2 semesters in high school and still remember a little bit. Currently trying to learn German.

  4. English is literally everywhere. Its the international language of business, flight control, shipping… literally everyone knows some english. With english you can go anywhere and do anything.

  5. in USA, the only language worth learning at all is Spanish. There are individual exceptions in various lines of work, or in specific regions, but for an average joe who has the chance to learn one language, it’s Spanish.

  6. Best? Greek. By far.

    Most useful is probably Spanish just because of how broad it’s geography is. If you’re going less for utility and just for most spoken then you’re looking at Mandarin or Hindi but neither of those are spoken much outside of China or India.

  7. Spanish. It’s the second most natively spoken in the world. Plus if you learn it, it opens the door to French, Italian, Portuguese and others because the grammar structure is very similar. I spent time learning Spanish when I was 19 by living in Guatemala for some time.

  8. If we assume “most useful” to mean that it will let you communicate with the most people it has to be Chinese, it’s right up there with English as the most commonly spoken languages. It’s not even close either, they both lead the pack by a country mile.

  9. I’d say any of the Romance Languages. Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French etc.

    Any of which will give you a foot in the door to the next – Just my opinion, I wouldn’t call myself fluent in any and it may just be how my brain works, but for me getting a grasp on Spanish seemed to open the floodgates to understanding Italian and Portuguese with a lot less effort.

  10. Depends on where you live. For an American it might be Spanish, neighbors Mexico and has a lot of spanish speakers already. For an Englishmen it might be French, since it’s right across the English channel. For an Aussie or Kiwi it might be Chinese, Japanese or Korean. It really just depends on your situation.

  11. French is the fastest growing language globally, and may be more common than English in a few decades.

    Mandarin Chinese is spoken by billions of people worldwide, and with China being more important than ever on a global scale it couldn’t hurt to speak their language.

    Edit: I could be wrong about French supplanting English, may be another language… Probably Mandarin haha.

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