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Dear men, Are you satisfied with your job and salary that comes with it? If not why?

Dear men, Are you satisfied with your job and salary that comes with it? If not why?

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  1. Yes. Same company for 29 years. Stabile job sector. Pays enough, if that’s a thing. Haven’t punched a time clock in 20 years. Own everything I have outright, except the house. I’ll never be “rich”, but I don’t have to decide between gas or food either.

  2. I’m an engineer at an airplane maker.

    I like many parts of my job, but there’s also a lot of necessary paperwork that can make days/weeks real drags. There’s also a general feeling at the company I work for that the planes we already make shouldn’t get big improvements done to them, so the things I work on are usually pretty ticky tacky and insignificant to the overall product.

    It’s me and one other guy supporting an entire airplane, so I feel like I’m justly paid for my work

  3. I was until I started looking at other jobs and see they are paying $7-15hr more for my experience. But I don’t think I will find 6 weeks pto anywhere else.

  4. Community welfare roles are always going to be underpaid because the sector is underfunded. I’m not satisfied that globally it is something so few governments care enough about to correctly fund.

    But I’m not leaving.

  5. Satisfied no just okay with it why cuz it’s a job I don’t feel there is a job I would be satisfied with. It’s just a job. Never believe in the dream job

  6. Yes and No. My job is very stressful and has a lot of gaps in our organization. My friend who works with me in a similar position and I joke, “How are we dealing with the problems that we deal with while making what we make” AND “How are we making as much as we make to deal with the problems that we deal with”

    hahhaa We both are on the path to FIRE and hope to eventually leave our jobs for other adventures.

  7. My job can be pretty exciting and interesting, but also real shitty kinda like most. Overall I do enjoy it and it helps the enjoyment that I’m pretty good at it. I sure as hell didn’t think I’d be making the money I am at this age either.

  8. Satisfied is maybe a bit of a stretch but I look around at my friends who are fathers and I get way more time with my son, work sociable hours and generally never work over 40. I have no commute and yes that does mean I don’t have some things I’d like, but I have the important things.

  9. I hate my job. I did a hard college. I have a IQ above 130 and study about 12 hours a week even tough i already graduated. However my county unending economical recession meant i had to take whatever job was offered over and over again, to the point were getting my dream job is almost impossible.

  10. Not really. Im underpaid for the type of work I do. Industrial maintenance, I weld and do millwright type work for 15 an hour… I shouldnt be here longer than another year though, I have some plans.

  11. No. Purchasing agent and analyst. Pay is survivable but I die inside every second I’m there. I hate it but the pool here is limited so there’s nowhere else to go without taking a big cut.

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