Dad’s, why are y’all so good at making Breakfasts?

Dad’s, why are y’all so good at making Breakfasts?

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  1. not sure about dads but most of us are good at making it because it is extremely easy meal to make and one of most peoples favorite meals so they get a lot of practice.

  2. Not a dad, but one of the biggest (and funniest) compliments my cooking has ever been paid…

    “I’ve got no energy to have sex… I tell you what, make me one of your mixed grills and I swear I’ll be as wet as an otters pocket, in no time.” – The Missus 2015. (Who said a woman has to be a lady?! :))

  3. Not a dad, but bacon grease. I both collect it for later use, or immediately reuse a portion of it.

    I was at a river with some friends, and friends-of-friends, one summer. The first morning there, I was head chef for tacos. I saw one of the people at friendsgiving, several months later, and the first thing he said to me was “Those were the best tacos I’ve ever had, and still think of them.” Probably my second favorite compliment of all time.

    You don’t need a lot to help give things flavor. And remember, [its sugar that’s bad for you – not fat]( Fuck the sugar industry.

  4. Cook them a good breakfast the next day always impressed the women in my life. Another reason for a repeat date. It’s carried over into my marriage and making the kids a good meal in the morning

  5. Just follow the damn recipe, you’re not Emeril Lagasse. If you follow the simple instructions to the letter, you can make a lot of things. It’s just eggs, bacon, French Toast and sliced fruit. I don’t get how you can’t make that.

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