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COVID-19 cases in US grow to more than 2 million l ABC News – live news stream

Tens of thousands of Americans will participate in large human trials that test three coronavirus vaccines this summer.

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  1. Wearing a mask (universal masking) is still the best way to stay protected. (Staying home is even better) Especially since we're reopening the country and everyone is going out. Look at Hong Kong Singapore, and South Korea. They all wore masks. And they recovered the fastest. If you guys are worried about price offers fda verified masks for cheap and they ship locally in the US

  2. It’s 4am in the morning and I’m fukin raged about to lose it. I don’t wish anyone to thru what i am. There can’t be people in worse shape then me

  3. Old people die…..who says this????? If you watch or listen to the news at all, it's not just old people. It's people with suppressed immune systems. Diabetes, asthma, obesity, all kinds of ailments….not just the old!

  4. The people that’s going thru the virus and living there can’t be anyone in worse shape then me. I can’t sleep I’m always angry and always in pain. Someone please let me know what’s worse. And it’s not even anything to do with the virus that’s the scary part. There’s literally never a time in the day that I’m happy. Always either angry or stressed or in pain or all of it

  5. Lawyers and Business owners nationwide should collaborate to file class action lawsuits against corporate media outlets for all of the damage done by the misinformation that has wreaked havoc on this country. Covid stories would vanish. Life would go back to normal.

  6. Dr Antony talks rubbish there can never be a cure for covid19 only cure is your immune sistem eat healthy food ginger garlic lemon tumric all good things and heat staying worm is good to now I use to have one vitamin D tablet one vitamin c and one acai tablet I stopped takeing then am going to start again if anyone nos anything that's good for covid19 what's best for it please lev a coment below we can help eachother 👍

  7. If you can insert a large banana right up into your rectum without pain then this is a sure sign you could be affected with Covid 19 …….If it fits with the skin on then you should phone for an ambulance immediately…..!

  8. More scare tactics, to keep states shut down to an over hyped virus. Pushing hard for a vaccine which is being rushed, and rushed things are awful. You wouldn't want to drive a erushed vehicle so why risk your life with a rushed drug?

  9. This is total bs! Corona virus scare has been a sham from the beginning. The Corona virus is a liberal disease designed to destroy the economy and the country. Shame on you ABC left-wing fake network for spreading this crap! You and your fellow fake news networks need to be held responsible for spreading fake information and fear mongering. There will not be a second wave of the virus either. If so, it will be totally fake!

    COVID-19 only affects those with underlying health conditions and the elderly. It is not the government’s job to police this fake pandemic by taking the whole country hostage for a select few. Let those who are vulnerable take their own precautions. If these vulnerable people catch it, that is their fault. Keep the government out of this! We all know this whole thing was started by you dumbocraps.

  10. Now that the Antifa terrorist riots are over the media needs to scare the public again with the boogeyman virus. Every time Trump wants to reopen the economy the DNC/China start a new invisible enemy.

  11. Notice we talk about cases not deaths now🤔🤔🤔🤔 Maybe we might just be testing more? What’s the official death rate now? Less than 1/2 of 1%. 🤔🤔🤔🤔.

  12. I can see something coming brothers and sisters, I live in Arizona USA ……..
    This is only the beginning ! The Covid-19 numbers will possibly reach over 5-10 million infected by the end of the year (my calculations on viewing data) in the United States, it's going to get ugly and deaths will reach over 200K by the end of the year…. for sure at the current path. Now we will see the top of the curve in many states reached by (end of July) or as far as August and the Second wave will destroy us by the end of fall and through the winter.

    It's a Quadruple attack in Winter including The Flu, Covid-19 and a long awaited Legionella which will be all together a bad situation since they all are considered respiratory diseases and let's not forget for some poor people Hurricane season will put the icing on the cake.

    The worst is yet to come and people are so relaxed when shopping like nothing is happening ! ….
    Once number of infected reaches 2-3 million the spread runs over the population rapidly……. Specially in a State like Arizona where we have over 150 nursing homes……

  13. Ya just gotta love all of the wonderful idiots that totally ignore wearing masks n gloves and social distancing and joined in all of these riots and even the peaceful protesters do not give a damn about anyone elses life except their own… I wish they ALL could be CHARGED with ATTEMPTED MURDER AND IF SOMEONE GETS COVID 19 AND DIES FROM IT THEY ALL WOULD BE CHARGED WITH FIRST DEGREE MURDER AND GET THE DEATH PENALTY !!! I am very sorry that Mr. Floyd was murdered by the 4 worthless officers and my love and prayers go out to the family and friends…God Bless you ALL…

  14. Keep the hyped up virus hysteria going, Trump rallies start in 2 weeks!!! Time for a cross country TRIP and I don't want you ASSWIPES on the road!!

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