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Can’t stay hard or cum during ohhh, what’s wrong with me?

So I was hanging out with this girl I met off tinder tonight, we were in my car in some random parking lot and we started hooking up. There was a few times my 31C5 just kept going limp, another issue was I couldn’t cum. We %%%%ed for a very long time to the point we were both dripping in sweat. The thing is when I watch porn I stay super hard and cum super fast. I’m thinking maybe it was like this cause my car is so tight and I’m a tall guy so I’m constantly in super uncomfortable positions and crammed up so my mind is not fully concentrated on %%%%ing. Can anyone give me some advice, I’m thinking about doing no fap to see if that has any affect. Should I go see a doctor?

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  1. Subconsciously; you could be nerves even knowing you don’t think you feel that way. And porn is not real as to having sex in real life. The women in porn are just actresses. And don’t just go at it, have fun having sex. Warm her up and have her warm you up too. Trying a more open space also.

  2. This happens to me whenever I’m nervous… Which is every first time with a girl. As long as you’re honest and she’s cool about it, try again. When you’re more comfortable it’s more likely to work.

  3. I have this problem unless the girl is super hot and tight, but I also have the same problem if were not compatible body wise the last girl I dated had long legs I’m 6’,4 so I’m pretty tall but if we were doing doggy then i wouldn’t be able reach her pussy.

    I watch porn and masturbate daily but I try and avoid for 3 days to a week before a date.

  4. Normally people who advise noFap are idiots (really, you all are fucking stupid) but in cases like this it actually makes sense. Your body knows how to act, but you’ve associated those actions with jerking off instead of sex. You might need to curb the masturbation, at least until you rewire yourself to stay hard/cum from sex.

  5. Nothing is necessarily wrong with you. Sometimes dicks go limp, sometimes cum doesn’t come out of them, sometimes both happen at once. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. In my experience, there’s a lot more mental aspects at play with both of those things than most people realize. As you touched on, being uncomfortable could have affected things, as could this being a relatively new partner. By all means see a doctor if you suspect there may be a non-mental issue at play, but also realize that sometimes your dick just doesn’t work the way you want it to, and that’s ok.

    Note: I have had both of these things happen to me, so I’m speaking from a place of understanding and I know how much it sucks to go soft in the heat of the moment or not be able to cum, but I also know that worrying about it doesn’t help (beyond possibly a checkup with a doctor to make sure the plumbing is all in order).

  6. Longshot here, but if you are wearing condoms which are too small, then they might really affect your perfomance. My recomendation is to look at the box and check the actual size and if it actually properly fits you

  7. I’m not going to necessarily say that there’s anything wrong here. This does happen and I bet nearly every guy has an experience like this. But in my case, it’s linked to anxiety, depression, or medications for same.

  8. For me, I watched a lot of porn in my teenage years which definitely caused issues for me. After a couple times of not getting hard, I quit porn. The nerves stuck with me, which made the next few times after that difficult. But it did get better and I have no issues now. Quitting porn is the way

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