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Canadian needing a hand with shipping a Server

Hi Brisbane,

How’re you going? I need a bit of a hand here. A gentleman near to Brisbane has a server (heavy computer) that I need shipped to Vancouver Canada. It’s not that much larger than a standard tower computer – but is very much heavier (170Lbs / 77Kg).

I’ve examined both Fedex and UPS which quote absolutely INSANE prices to put it on a plane. I’m in no rush – the machine can go via sea. But from what I read/gather I need an agent / exporter in OZ who will do paperwork and ensure it gets onto the ship – packed in such a way as to survive a few weeks at sea.

I may also need a service to truck/lorry the Server from “Cumbalum nsw” to Brisbane before it gets on a ship.

I don’t expect this process is particularly cheap, but I do not need a sea cube, or even part of one. What I think I need is to buy a small amount of space in a container already destined for Vancouver. I don’t have the budget to spend thousands to ship one machine.

Brisbane Structural Engineers Brisbane Structural Engineers

The crux of my question is this:

– Does anyone deal with this sort of thing in this sub.
– If so are you willing to help me please?

This is a bit of a shot in the dark – but I’d really appreciate any help or advice.

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