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Buying a used car

My partner and I have just moved over from NZ and wanted to get the lie of the land re. The used car market, insurers and roadside assist/pre purchase inspection services.

We’re looking at a few car dealers – Brisbane car yard, Motorama, basically whatever pops up on Google. also seems to have a lot but is more like an eBay for cars by the looks of it?

Does anyone have recommendations on car yards to look into or places to avoid?

Our budget is ~ $10000

Brisbane Structural Engineers Brisbane Structural Engineers

The overwhelming advice has also been to get a pre-purchase inspection, is there a recommended service to use there? Do most people just go with whoever they will use for their roadside assist cover?

And then general insurer and roadside assist advice – and standouts or ones to avoid? Do you generally get roadside assist cover under your insurer or a separate membership?

Thanks in advance for all advice and suggestions, looking forward to hearing from you.

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