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Bros how you feeling lately?

Me: really shit

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  1. Really bad. My dad died on Sunday and I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it. I’m also very lonely and starved for female attention and friends. I don’t really see myself as a real person in the world anymore.

  2. Real bad. Bad for a while now.

    Every now and then I slip into a more positive frame of mind and get some momentum again, feel like I am in that zone again at the moment. So I’ll enjoy this feeling whilst it lasts!

  3. Kind of overwhelmed at work right now but otherwise I’m doing okay

    My most recent dates haven’t worked out much except one whom we just decided to stay friends because our chemistry was more platonic than romantic by far

    We just laughed the entire time instead of flirting & she invited me to hang out with her group of best friends at a BBQ

    They were super welcoming af & really fun to talk to

    I’m making a lot of investments & am waiting for those to rise up but I’m patient as hell

    I’m in good standing amongst my friends & family too imo

    There’s one girl I’m interested who’s giving me off signals though which is confusing the hell out of me

  4. Slightly amused at best. Highly stressed out at worst.

    Not objectively bad, thank fuck. I’ve been *bad* before, and this ain’t it.

    I suppose I can’t really complain too much. Things can and have been far worse

  5. I’m doing really well. I very recently went on a vacation to the beach, and it was just what I needed to get my mind off of everything. It was too short, but now that I’ve come back, things have been going well. I know things haven’t felt so bright around me lately and that it’s hard not knowing when the next bump in your life will show up but you never know when something good is just around the corner. I don’t want you to be discouraged by anything. If there’s one thing we could all use right now is hope. We can do this together!

  6. Today is one of those days where instead of just being lonely I’m flip flopping between “I’m lonely” and “These bitches need too much work, I’m staying lonely”.

    I seriously prefer the lonely days.

  7. Honestly not to good. Not depressed or anything just emotionally damaged. And based on my experience, “professional help” doesent help. All I did with my shrink was talk about the problems. Not fix them. Only made em worse. I find that time and anything with wheels helps me the most tbh.

  8. Everyone thinks I’m super sad, but I’ve just gotten quieter recently, because I dont really feel the need to talk as much as I used to. I am definitely more confident than I used to, but still working through things.

    I’m about to enter my senior year of high school, and just trying to balance enjoying myself and growing up. I wish everybody else here a speedy recovery, a helping hand, a hug or whatever else they might need. I love all of you guys.

  9. I feel bad because I though at first I had reasons to complain but after reading few answers I can’t really compare.

    I’m back from vacation with my family but I kept contact with work everyday and work really take a toll on my mood. I was confident I could fight thru the amount of work I have since the pandemic had increased the demand for my services but it keeps getting worst and just being off for a few days put colleagues and client businesses in trouble. I just got too much weight on my shoulders and too exhausted to carry it much longer

    I can’t walk off from my job, I will have to come thru but the hill is pretty steep… this weights on my health and family and I’m getting sick of this. I need to fix this now.

  10. Not so great.

    My family life’s in a flooded Town, but luckily the house is up a Hill and not flooded.

    The water from the water tap is not drinkable.

    The electricity is barely working.

    My sister on the other hand life’s in a flooded House with her boyfriend .

    She had the luck and pumped the water out of her house. Hopefully the water doesn’t come back.

    And I sit 8 hours away from my family and can’t drive to my family.

    But many other families have it much worse than i.

    I have the luck that all my family members are alive and not hurt.

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