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Sup all,

Gay guy here. I recently moved back to Brisbane for a short time after being away for a year or so.

I’m single. Bored. And honestly a touch lonely. So of course like a modern homo I redownload the usual apps, Grindr, Tinder, Scruff etc.

I log on and I take a look around. And what I notice is the exact same people I remember from a year or more ago doing the exact same things. Shit some still have profile photos that they’ve had for years.

Having a chat to a couple guys, and it seems like not much has changed here. It’s still very cliquey and segregated. Very few people are willing to just have conversations unless you’re a ripped gym bunny or a perfect twink. I’m a bear for reference, which I know Brisbane Gays don’t appear to care much for in my experience.

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Any other gay guys having same issues? Or noticing the same things? Or is it just me haha.


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