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Beard owners of Reddit, how do you deal with irritated/sensitive skin underneath your beard?

Beard owners of Reddit, how do you deal with irritated/sensitive skin underneath your beard?

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  1. I was using a shampoo which contains saliylic acid, condition with a product which contains pyrithione zinc, and after I apply Shea Moisture’s beard detangler to help moisturize the skin and hair followed by a nice brushing with my boars’ hair beard brush.

  2. I shampoo my beard with the rest of my hair when I shower and I never have issues.

    You need to massage the hair under your beard the same way you do your scalp or it gets irritated and dandruff.

    If you’re just growing it in it’s normal for it to be a little itchy or sensitive. Just wash it well daily and it will pass.

  3. If it itches I scratch it. I rinse it out when I take a shower. I hardly ever use shampoo for my hair or beard. Have been doing that for like two years now and it’s not a problem. Srsly.

  4. My beard only irritates my neck and chest if I sweat when I’m sleeping. So I have a special bandana for my neck that I grab if I wake up in the middle of one of those nights. But otherwise my beard doesn’t irritate my skin.

  5. I wash mine every day with a Coconut conditioner and also use Coconut oil afterwards for moisture. Keeps my beard looking thick, skin underneath soft n smooth.

  6. The type of shampoo you use will have a big effect on this. If it’s a standard all in one body wash, don’t use it on your beard. Use an actual shampoo, and then once you’re out of the shower, throw in some beard oil, and make sure to massage it into the skin under your beard. That should clear it right up.

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