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Be honest, what is your worst quality?

I’d say for myself its being too quiet at times, I can speak up for myself when I need to, but in general I don’t mind peace and quiet vs non stop conversations. Yes it can create social disconnection at times which is why it can be my worst quality as it can lead to lack of conversation.

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  1. I’m struggling to find a concise way of saying it other than…I’m boring?

    I don’t usually feel like doing anything. I’m kinda lazy. My hobbies are mostly solo activities that don’t produce anything tangible to share with other people. I don’t have many stories to tell, and even fewer *interesting* ones.

  2. My anger at the wrongs in the world I can do nothing about.

    I seethe with hatred at times. The unjust way things happen. The psychopaths that ruin the lives of many many people and really don’t give a flying fuck.
    It’s sickening and makes me want to die at times.

    I just can’t accept the world happily or easily. I self medicate with food and sometimes binge alcohol for escape. It helps me to just not give a fuck.

    I love too much. I care too much. Life is just a tragedy. We all end up dead anyway.

  3. I think too highly of myself, but only in private and also I can’t have a single conversation without messing something up and making it all awkward.

    I also forget people’s names and have this “eh whatever” attitude towards almost everything.

  4. Jealousy

    After being cheated on it’s been a flaw of mine to just pick up on small dumb things and have them fester.
    Sometimes I’m right, 90% of the time though, I’m wrong and run a relationship into the ground because I just can’t trust so well.
    I’m working on it

  5. I try to avoid confrontation and standing up for myself whenever I can. I would rather suck it up and suffer rather than go out of my comfort zone and stand up for what I believe in.

  6. Voice sounds like I’m holding in a laugh. Can be cynical which isn’t a problem since I can ignore it and march like a solider despite it. Can’t do conversations despite being in many.

  7. Either laziness, lack of social skills, confrontation avoidance, or at times not filtering out or filtering down perverted and sarcastic thoughts and comments to a generally socially acceptable level.

  8. I like to stay home and sit behind my desk a lot, like a lot a lot. I could sit the whole day and have no problems standing up and going for a walk with my dog, also I like to fight but I don’t start it, I join

  9. My mental health. I *haaaaaaaaaaaate* myself and can’t help but use any setback as an excuse to beat myself up. I don’t know how to take things in stride because my depression frames everything as proof that I don’t deserve to exist.

  10. I got mad anger issues. Like when I snap idgaf anymore and all bets are off. I don’t think about consequences or the people I hurt until afterwards. Tbf someone has to *really* get under my skin and then keep on doing it for me to snap, but I should have more control over myself.

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