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Avid collectors, in what way does your passion for collecting affect your relationships?

Feel free to mention what it is you collect. Question not limited to romantic relationships.

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  1. I collect certain garden gnomes and fairy houses. As long as it’s not too ostentatious my wife is cool with it. I probably buy 2-3 a year and then hide them somewhere in the yard. The kids think it’s cool and most of the time you kind of have to look to find them because they blend in with all the other plants and rocks.

    She drew the line when I brought home the pink flamingo though.

  2. I collect old currencies from all over the globe. Every person I’ve dated was either “meh” about it, or they thought it was cool. It was never a problem, though.

    Luckily, it’s a collection of tiny objects that take virtually no space, so it’s not like my place is cluttered or something.

  3. Huge star wars and motorsport fan and collect things from both. Plus side is that I’m really easy to buy for at birthday or Christmas.

    Down side is I once came home with a touring car rear bumper and that’s the closest I’ve come to being killed by my gf for wanting it on the wall as a display.

    She’s fine with my star wars stuff as I have proper display cases for them but motorsport stuff other than models which fit in cases too are a problem and now live in the garage out of site

  4. I collect scythes,( if you dont know what that is it’s the tool the grim reaper uses to reap souls.) I buy restore and resell them. I do have some for my personal collection that i use. My friends and fam all think it’s cool.
    I also collect anything with a large blade(legal ofcourse), they all say if a zombie apocalypse brakes out, my my house is the first place they’ll go lol!

  5. I collect and try to restore antique woodworking tools.

    My wife actually likes it because you can pick them up cheap at estate sales or when I randomly pull her into a small town antique store.

    The only problem is that at any time I can have several dozen of the same plane before I sell them off. We have a small garage so it gets crowded on top of everything else in there.

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