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  • Plenty of of people getting paid a salary but not doing their job. How pathetic.

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  • That’s a lot of signs Brisbane..

    That’s a lot of signs Brisbane..

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  • Coronavirus school shutdown saw thousands of laptops ordered, but 1,600 sit idle

    Not all laptops ordered by the Queensland Government for disadvantaged students to use during the coronavirus school shut down have been distributed, frustrating home-schooling parents.

    In March, the Department of Education announced it would supply 5,000 laptops to students across the state who did not have access to devices to learn from home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

    The department split half the cost of the laptops with schools — allowing them to buy the half-price devices and loan them to students in need.

    Now the Government has revealed some 3,400 of the 5,000 laptops have been handed out to schools, with more than 1,500 yet to be distributed.

    Founder of electronic recycling not-for-profit Substation 33, Tony Sharp, said his organisation had handed out more than 350 recycled computers in under six weeks to kids who did no have internet access or devices.

    He said even then his organisation was struggling to keep up with demand.

    “It’s frustrating,” Mr Sharp said.

    A man in a computer lab wearing a black shirt
    Tony Sharp is struggling to keep up with demand for recycled laptops to help students learn during lockdown.(Supplied: Tony Sharp)

    “The digital divide in education is a real problem in Queensland and Australia.

    “I think that we are not taking this seriously if we have 1,500 computers that haven’t been allocated. They are doing no good sitting in a storeroom somewhere.”

    Mr Sharp said a lack of access to internet and devices for children was not only an issue during school closures, but a constant problem for families as education in general moved further online.

    “It’s important that disadvantaged families get access because if we don’t, we are going to leave a whole group of kids behind,” he said.

    “Somebody is not trying here because I’ve got 1,500 homes the laptops could go to straight away.

    “I know there are families out there in need.”

    Carers don’t know they can get them

    Karen Lynam reached out to Substation 33 to get three computer packs for her grandchildren who range from prep to high school and did not have devices to learn from at home.

    The grandmother of six said her grandchildren go to multiple schools and none of them had heard about the 5,000 laptops on offer.

    “We were worried for the kids,” Ms Lynam said.

    A grandmother poses for a family photo with her son and grandchildren
    Karen Lynam received three laptops from a Brisbane community group for her grandchildren to use while being homeschooled.(Supplied: Karen Lynam)

    “None of the schools mentioned being able to help and we never heard of the schools coming to anyone offering laptops.”

    Ms Lynam welcomed the Government’s attempts to better resource IT supplies but said it was “sad” that 1,500 laptops were not being used by families in need.

    “That’s disgusting, that is so bad,” she said.

    “There should have been a text message, or it should have come through the schools. They are aware which families are vulnerable.”

    Brisbane mother D-Ann Johnson was shocked to hear not all Government supplied laptops had been given to families less fortunate.

    D-ann Johnson
    D-Ann Johnson is concerned that other students are not able to get the same education as her children.(Supplied: D-ann Johnson)

    “We have internet and are working from home, we have desktops and iPads for all three of us but I still worry my son has fallen behind,” Ms Johnson said.

    “I can’t imagine what it’s been like for families without that.

    “Why do those same kids — who are the same age as mine — not get the same education just because I bought an iPad two years ago?

    “It’s unfair for the kids who fall through the cracks. Everyone should be entitled to a supportive education.”

    ‘Schools just have to ask’

    Education Minister Grace Grace said the laptops had been given out to all schools who had requested them.

    She said schools could still apply for the remaining devices, data packages and sim cards.

    “The Department of Education and schools across the state have done a fantastic job to locate and purchase 5,000 laptops for disadvantaged students while they learn at home,” Ms Grace said.

    “Requests for these remaining laptops are still coming in every day.

    “While these devices will certainly help disadvantaged students with their learning, they alone cannot replace the high quality learning provided in the classroom.

    “Parents and carers with any questions about the scheme should contact their school directly.”

    Grace Grace stands on a balcony in a building with the river behind her in the Brisbane CBD.
    Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace says requests for laptops are coming in every day.(ABC News: Stephanie Zillman)

    Shadow Education Minister Jarrod Bleijie said 5,000 laptops were not enough to meet the need in Queensland even if all of the devices were distributed to schools.

    “Coronavirus has exposed a real digital divide in Queensland,” Mr Bleijie said.

    “In one day those laptops could be given to students in need.”

    “We would be asking the principals to find out how many children at their schools don’t have laptops and we would make it an immediate priority to ensure a device is given to families.”

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  • 60 Best Fall Activities for Families Near You

    60 Best Fall Activities for Families Near Me – Things to Do in the Fall

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  • Hot Sex Aussie Minx – 31 – brisbane companion #nsfw

    Brisbane Escort NEW

    Hot Sex Aussie Minx – 31

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  • Another interesting article! 28 Mar 1917, ‘McGUIRE STOPS TAYLOR IN 13th ROUND, O

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  • Sunrise with an orange B&W filter ❤️

    Sunrise with an orange B&W filter ❤️

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  • 60 Best Fall Activities for Families Near You

    60 Best Fall Activities for Families Near Me – Things to Do in the Fall

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  • 311’s Nick Hexum Announces Album with George Clanton

    311 frontman Nick Hexum and vaporwave icon George Clanton announced that they’re teaming up for an album, the aptly titled George Clanton & Nick Hexum. While the album won’t be out until July 23, the duo dropped “Aurora Summer” today to give fans a taste of what to expect over the next couple of months.

    “This album is a collab no one asked for or predicted,” Clanton said in a statement. “There isn’t a big overlap in fan bases here, but I think Nick and I share the same musical ethos. Nick has never pandered to a mainstream audience with his work in 311, they’ve always done their own thing and built their own culture around the music they wanted to make. I believe in that, and I’ve been doing my own thing for 10 years now. Nick certainly doesn’t NEED to do this collab, and I’ve never done one of those buzzy collabs with a hot artist in my own sphere just to get more plays.”

    Going on to describe it as “a dream come true,” the diehard 311 fan said he’s shaped his own production techniques and expectations to fit with Hexum’s signature vocals and guitar. The result is guaranteed by Clanton to be a “whole record full of absolute bangers” and sees Hexum going way out of the comfort zone he’s established in his decades with the same band.

    “It’s been a lot of fun to work in a new genre,” Hexum said. “George has a masterful way of twisting and bending sounds to make them sound vintage. He manages to create soundscapes that are both retro and futuristic. I added guitar and vocals to George’s lush soundscape for this stoney side project.”

    Check out “Aurora Summer” below, and tune in to George Clanton’s session on SPIN’s Untitled Twitch Stream today at 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET to see some very special guest appearances.

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