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  • Hitting those peaks. Thanks Powerfish

    When the Flattys are on the chew and the Powerfish delivers the bust ups. Come see the best stream yet with the highest Top Peak Viewers.
    Merry Christmas everyone 🎅🎅. Got sent viewers from a LEGEND Willem Powerfish.Thank you so much for the ongoing support my reaction was……. well you’ll find out 😜😜😜
    THANK YOU🔥🔥 Hit 446 Peak viewers this stream!! Lets GO.
    Aussie Facebook streamer any support is appreciated.
    Please Like,Follow and Share the stream.Thank you!!
    🔥🔥Trying to reach my new follower goal of 5000🔥🔥
    🎮-Xbox Live Gamertag:SK8TR BUOY
    ⭐⭐⭐-Stars are now active!!!⭐⭐⭐
    🔥Not expected but greatly appreciated🔥
    Any stars received will go into improving the stream and video content. Thank you so much!!!,Donate to my “Personal” with Live alerts
    Tips: (No on stream alerts)
    Still setting everything up still but any support is appreciated
    🎤- Join my Discord community for updates and announcements.
    Tags: #Xbox #Streamer #COD #Warzone #Aussie #Facebookgaming #levelup #Callofduty #Teamwork #Battleroyale #Contentcreator


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