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At what age did you start factoring in potential for marriage when dating?

At what age did you start factoring in potential for marriage when dating?

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  1. I was never really opposed to the idea. Not like i was going to get married at 17 or something but if I happened to meet someone that I still liked enough for that once we were started out in the world then cool.

  2. I’m 29, but that’s really not something that comes to mind when I’m dating people.

    If we’re compatible and we get along, that’s great. Marriage is at best a vague afterthought.

  3. 40 years old. Enjoy being young and single when you can. Leave no mountain un-climbed. You will do way better in your marriage if you have nothing left out there to do or try. Marriage is tough and mastering it can me a bigger challenge than being single for sure so a lack of distractions helps a great deal.

  4. Twenty six. Thats also the age where i officially made it a habit to look at a womans left ring finger. I mean shoot oddly enough i remember EXACTLY the first woman, on a train, that i noticed. Before that age i literally had never once even thought about noticing it.

  5. Only time I ever considered marriage is with my now ex girlfriend.

    She was the only girl I could really see myself spending the rest of my life with.

    When we broke up it just proved me that no matter how good you are to them or how devoted to the relationship you are they can always just loose feelings and leave, and being in a marriage just complicates things even further.

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