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At what age did you have to start stretching out before having ohhh? Pulled a muscle last night. Any good back stretches that I can do?

At what age did you have to start stretching out before having ohhh? Pulled a muscle last night. Any good back stretches that I can do?

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  1. As an older man. Whatever age you are, start the habit of stretching in the morning. After high school sports my stretching went to non existing. All my little aches are taken care of with a morning stretch routine. And drink lots of water. It amazes me how little water some people drink. I have my water everywhere i go

  2. Bro, not just stretching, but warm-up exercises, good hydration, a pre-workout energy drink, a sweatband, knee-wraps, Icy Hot, smelling salts, hype music, LET’S GOOOO LOL

  3. As a 25 year old I never thought about this, it honestly makes sense as a marathon runner I don’t exactly just start running full pace without doing some dynamic stretching first. Next time I’m doing a full stretch routine, getting some gel packs, and concentrate on my breathing. I’m gonna try it and see if I can double my record. Not sure if my body can take the extra 2 minutes though.

  4. After my disc blew out in my back. Ever since then, my leg cramps if in certain positions. I look like I am doing some really fancy porn move, but really I am just trying to stretch it out while keeping the rhythm.

  5. Figure 4 on an elevated position to get an extremely deeper stretch. Sit on the edge of your sofa or any bench to where you are facing parallel, one foot on the floor and one leg like you’re doing a cross legged position with one leg. Tuck the crossed legged foot under your opposite knee and lean forward into it. To get a deeper stretch, lean away from the crossed leg. To get an even deeper stretch, you can improvise from a standing position against some high furniture

  6. Jack Lalane famously said that he didn’t warm up because a lion doesn’t warm up before tackling a gazelle. He was wrong though. When a lion wakes up, the first thing it does is stretch, then walk around a a bit. They don’t to the full sprint of chasing down prey until they’ve run around a bit. So yes they do warm up.

    And as Romany Malco said, much like how it is written in a lion’s DNA to tackle a gazelle, it is written in a man’s DNA to tackle drunk bitches. Much like the lion, you should incorporate the warm up into the task. Start slow, then go fast.

  7. Lmao one time I was getting down absolutely working it (actually some of my best work at the time) and while I was giving it to her I got an awful cramp/Charlie horse in my calf and I was instantly incapacitated and flopped down on top of her. I couldn’t move. She couldn’t move despite her best efforts. Every movement made my muscle get tighter. So I’m just laying there on top of her, and still inside her… Just… Unable to move…

  8. I don’t stretch before sex. I stretch every morning. I do a light bodyweight workout and then do some yoga. Flexibility is something that needs constant attention to be maintained.

  9. Lol.

    I think around 40ish. I started out stretching in secret in the bathroom when I thought timing was right, so either at the restaurant or bar, or when you first get in and there is that pretence on freshening up or I will go make that tea etc.

    Now that im married I just stretch whenever and my wife says “are you going to work out or are you planning to fuck?”

  10. Regular exercise and active stretching is all you need, if you need to stretch before the main event then you’re muscles are already tight/weak and they’re gonna stay that way.

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