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Are people making fun of my crocodile post?

Ten days ago, I was having lunch at Joey’s in Kangaroo Point with my friend.

I saw something in the water and was like, “OMG that looks like a crocodile!” (I love crocodiles) and my friend said, go and take a pic.

I ended up filming it, although it was kind of a crappy video as I zoomed in so the camera was kind of wobbling around.

I know crocs don’t come this far south but I still thought it was a cool idea…so I posted it to this sub.

Anyway, since then I started noticing photos and shaky videos of logs and things saying spotted the croc etc

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Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but are people making fun of my post? Just that I went back through the Brisbane sub and couldn’t see any of these croc posts before that day, but then since my post they’ve been appearing every day.

This was my post:

Croc spotted in the brown snake from brisbane

Am I just being paranoid or am I now the laughing stock of this sub??

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