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Anyone else in home quarantine still waiting for text/call from Qld Health?

My family and I were at an exposure site last week that was listed as close contact location. We both took off work, got the kids from daycare, got everyone tested and then filled out the contact tracing form online as soon as it came available.

We have received NO communication from Qld Health. No text, no call, no emails.

I know that there were something like 10,000 people for Qld Health to work through and we are trying to be patient but after almost a week in the dark we are seriously pissed off. We were told to expect a call within three days.

We have called Qld Health and all they can say is “Wait for a call for further information”.

We are out of work for approximately 10 days, our kids won’t be able to attend daycare but we will still be out of pocket for five days of daycare for two kids!

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It feels like we are doing the right thing, taking a financial hit for the greater good of the community to reduce the risk of infection spread and yet no one has bothered to contact us. No further information at all.

Anyone else having a similar experience?

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