Anybody else feeling an impending sense of doom for restrictions being lifted this weekend?

I’ve been swinging back and forth between thinking “i’m gonna die” and “it’s no big deal” on a daily basis with this stuff. However it seems like a fairly certain bet that we will see a surge in cases by mid-May if people think they can just go back to hanging out in Westfield etc this weekend.

Sure there are a lot of restrictions in place but if the Sunday after Anzac Day was any indication, we are gonna see packed out shopping centres and beaches just for the hell of it. A few days of no new cases just means that people haven’t gone in to get tested due to the risk of social stigma/possible hospital stay with other corona cases/definite severe quarantine at home.

Of course we have all reached the end of our ropes with this lockdown and we want to live our lives – but is it really worth cancelling out the effort to ‘flatten the curve’ by activating a cycle of infection again? I don’t want to sound like that guy who called the cops over seeing people in the park (what a douche) but hearing some family members & friends talk about their intentions for the weekend has certainly raised my eyebrows.. if this virus was a scab, this weekend will be the little kid who picks it off too early.

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