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Any guys that still live at home at around 23 what have women said about it ?

I’ve got money and a good job and all I just want to save and buy a place to rent out do women understand this or do they just want a big house ?

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  1. >what have women said about it ?

    “Sure. We can do it in the car.”

    A *huge* chunk of people in their 20s live with their parents right now and why wouldn’t they? Buying your own place is an insane investment now and rent isn’t cheap either.

    Never met anybody that cared, specially at 23.

  2. It’s not about having a big house or anything. It’s about proving your own independence. I’m sure my parents would let me rent a basement of theirs for pennies but it just wouldnt make me feel to proud to be dependent on them for my own survival.

    The other answers have a strong point too. When you’re in your early 20’s, having your own pad is awesome. I’ve only ever rented basement suites or apartments but they’ve been plenty.

  3. I know some people in other countries who live with their parents till they are married. In some places multiple generations live in the same house, and the house more of the family home than just the parent’s house. They do their own thing and take care of themselves.

    From what I can tell, it would more of someone living with their parents and not being able to take care of themselves is what would turn women off.

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