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  1. You are a true Aussie hero, just like Ned and Rex. Stuff the rules do the rigthty by the people and stick it to the man… now fuk off ya dog 🙂

  2. The fine and prison time is the maximum you can cop, not what you will cop for it. You woukd be in front of a magistrate not a judge, but if i was a fishing man I'd say being your first offence you'd probably cop a fine and a stern talking to…now go get tha dog!!

  3. Bro the times you have made me and my son belly laugh till we are sore has been some good therapy.
    Thanks for sharing the human behind Willem Powerfish.
    A little more care, less judgement and some bloke on bloke action can make this sometimes shitty world a little more tolerable.
    Keep the laughs coming, wishing you the best. Now Fuck Off!

  4. “The government they don’t give a fuck, they want us to die”…
    Truer words were never spoken. 🙏
    You’re a legend powerfish, keep doing you bro, you help a lot of people and bring humour to a pretty miserable world. The politicians are just trying to make themselves feel important. You got the right attitude, take ownership, learn and move on. The bust ups will come and you’ll be hitting the brothels again soon. Fuck the government and all them slimy assholes

  5. Wow, a lot of things come to mind but to keep it brief, what a deadset genuinely amazing bloke. Hats off to you for not just making us all laugh and smile, but also the incredibly generous work you do for mental health awareness. About to go cop me some powerfish fuckin merch to help you in what small way I can!

    Also, the stingray dogs can fuck off that have a crack at you for “filming your good causes”. There’s a big fuckin difference between those who film acts of kindness to generate revenue (most of YouTube) and those who Film acts of kindness to show their community where some of the money is going to (you). Great work mate all the best with the future

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