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After years of poverty, today I could finally afford a 25€ DVD set without feeling guilty about it. What is your “I am doing better” story?

After years of poverty, today I could finally afford a 25€ DVD set without feeling guilty about it. What is your “I am doing better” story?

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  1. After having wages garnished by the IRS for an entire year, then another year unemployed, then finally getting a job and getting caught up with my bills, I ordered a pizza for delivery, something I had not felt financially secure enough to do for the previous two and a half years.

    That pizza was especially delicious.

  2. I checked my account balance from the app on my phone for the first time in months.

    I’ve been working a minimum wage job for a few months now. Prior to that I was on the dole and would check the account several times a week to make sure I could pay bills, buy food and petrol etc.

    I’m by no means well off but I’m not constantly worried about being broke all the time now.

  3. It occurred to me a few years ago that I don’t keep track of when payday is anymore. That’s the first time I’ve really felt comfortable about my balance sheet.

  4. First time I was able to walk into a grocery store and buy anything in the damn store.

    If I wanted to buy the expensive cheese throw that sumbitch in the cart.

    No more keeping a running mental tally of my total to make sure I can afford it at the checkout line.

    It felt awesome.

  5. A couple month back, my car broke down. I drove it into the shop and had it repaired. On the way back, I realized that I didn’t even bother to ask for the price, because I know I can pay it. That’s when it hit me how much my economic situation had improved over the last decade. From 400 bucks a month, not paying for electricity at times.

  6. In October 2018 I left my ex and the city I loved strapped with $36k worth of debt. Moved in with my mum and stepdad and immediately got to work. July 21st of last year I was able to make my last payment and clear my debts. Now I’ve got enough saved to move out on my own and not worry.

  7. The first time I went grocery shopping and didn’t take my calculator. I was on a very tight budget in college and had to calculate down to the dollar what groceries would come out to be.

    The first time I went grocery shopping and got to the check out and realized I *didnt* have my calculator out was phenomenal

  8. At one point in life, I had hopped a fence and slept in a stranger’s detached car garage. I now own my own house and have 2 vehicles. Life can sure be funny sometimes.

    Basically, I used to be the only one of my family living in the country. Am now a lawyer.

  9. It’s been a while, but I quit my business and got a real job in 2007. My credit was so bad I couldn’t get a cell phone or credit card. I basically lived in my overdraft for 2 years. Then at the start of the third year I got a slight raise. By then my credit was good enough to get a phone. Then 6 months later a credit card. Then within 6 months of that I’d saved enough for a down payment on a house. Now I own two properties with 3 rentals (8 rooms total). And married with 2 kiddos. Life is good. I’m blessed.

  10. I just read an article about how 50% of people in my country wouldn’t be able to handle an unexpected 200 dollar expense, and I have a decent savings, so that’s pretty good I guess

  11. I’m not super well off but having the peace of mind that I can quit or be fired from my job and I wouldn’t be in the shitter is liberating especially because I definitely wasn’t this well off a year ago

  12. I was still studying (bachelor) and I went into red numbers on my bank due to my mom being very Ill which resulted in her death. I ate rice with ketchup for days…

    Now a few years later I live together with my bf, finished my bachelor, and have no red numbers but savings instead! I managed to buy my own driver’s lessons due to that!

    I just wish someone of my family were here to see it all but bf is a trooper and tries his best :)!

    *ill not I’ll

  13. For me it was the grocery bill. Didn’t even really pay attention to how it rang up one day, and as I was leaving, I realized I didn’t get sticker shock like I used to and it occurred to me that I didn’t even look.

  14. Cat swallowed a heap of sewing thread, needed an emergency operation. Didn’t even bother asking hubby, just gave the go ahead.

    Next year, other cat needed expensive surgery, again no question about paying for it. Hubby did question why we were paying a fortune for anxiety pills for said cat though haha.

    Dog is now on three different medications to keep her alive, we actually spend more on her chemist bill than our own rather higher than average bill.

    Took a mouse to the vet… twice. (In my defence it was a really cool pet and just because it costs a few dollars to replace, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t receive care when needed).

    Grew up poor as shit, truthfully only comfortable now because my husband has a good paying job. Being able to pay for health care of animals without wondering how we’ll put food on the table or pay the electricity bill feels very comforting!

  15. I was on food stamps 10 years ago. Going to the grocery store was a nightmare. I never knew if I’d have enough money for food, diapers, and baby food or if something would have to be put back. Now I have all my bills on autopay.

  16. I grew up poor. I’m not talking broke but living comfortably, I’m talking single mother with 4 kids in the 70’s poor and before government handouts to single mothers. All my clothes were hand me downs. My haircuts were home jobs, and I never got anything brand new until I made my own money. I was the class joke in a school full of rich kids whose parents all had nice new cars and went on overseas holidays. My vacations were at home.

    The “I’m doing better” story is just the fact that I always have bills paid as soon as they come in and I have money in the bank. I’ve got food in the fridge and I’ve never had to say to my daughter “sorry mate you can’t go on that excursion” or “no sports this year because I can’t afford it.”

    If I need something I go and buy it and while I’m not wealthy, money isn’t an object for me.

    I’ve still got that mentality of save what I’ve got and live within my means but I’m proud that my daughter wants for nothing because I made it out.

  17. When I was able to finally take my parents out to dinner for the first time, in my dime, to a fancy restaurant. The fanciest we ever did while growing up was a run-down Chinese buffet. It warmed the fucked out of my heart to take my parents to a nice place and not worry about what was ordered.

  18. Not even 3 years ago I was in college working to put myself through school. I was living on 2 peanut butter sandwiches a day with no power for the past 3 months.

    I am now fully employed in my field with a nice side gig consulting. I am moving into a 2 bedroom house with an even bigger private yard next week. I have managed to save up almost 10k between savings and my money market accounts.

    Thinking back there were some dark days. My dog was my only source of warmth and yet I still had to walk to class past trust fund babies parting in their brand new G wagons and lifted trucks racking up a bar tab that would feed me for a month.

  19. Feb 21, 2017 I overdosed on fentanyl and woke up in an ambulance. Today, I have a great career (ironically in health care), $100,000 in the bank, I am married, have a house, 4 cars, and I’m healthy as a horse. Best of all I’ve been sober since March 30, 2018. Just got my 3 year chip.

    Edit: now if only the Rona would leave me the hell alone, lol. Bloody virus has got me on my ass.

  20. I bought an Audi last week. My small business has been doing great and I broke 100k income this year.

    I spent all 2020 alone, didn’t even date anyone. So the car is kinda my gift to me for being awesome.

    This coming from working at low paying jobs, coming from a lower class family in rural nowhere.

  21. When I got to go the super market without a calculator and list that I had to stick to and instead got everything on my list while grabbing things off he shelf that looked good without totaling it up beforehand and wondering how much I could treat myself. Getting a box of granola bars never felt so good.

  22. Reaching that 3 month Emergency Fund and knowing that if all goes to shit, I have a buffer of 3 months to figure stuff out.

    Although Covid didnt affect me financially, it did taught me that 3 months its not enough and now working on getting to 6-9 months.

  23. This time last year I only had 1 friend and he lives 1000km away from me so I never saw him. My PC crawled out so i had nothing to better to do during quarantine besides smoke weed and wait. I couldn’t work and for a few months I was just surviving not living.

    Yesterday I had 4 hours of phone calls from friends and family. I had a friend show up randomly at my house after his work and another one showered up later after his work. On Monday I’m also going to buy my first gaming PC. Its not the best but I bought it with the money from the job I got. In the process of working and spending time with mates so much I have been too distracted to worry about people from my past and I moved on.

    The exact moment I knew I was doing better when I saw 4 mates in one day yesterday where as i used not see 4 mates in 4 months at one point.

  24. I changed my money burning (weed) habit into a crypto habit. Cant be more thrilled.

    I still struggle a lot since it used to be my medicine, really about the only medicine that does a damn thing for me without horrible side effects. Ive had some really rough days but I havent snap-rationalized getting more.

  25. My finances have tightened up considerably over the past year: got a consistent monthly income now, but left hospitality and the really good tips that come with it and moved somewhere with a higher cost of living.

    got £1200 coming in after tax, paying £450 share of rent and 130 in transport costs, then like 250 in council tax and bills.

    The thing that I miss is the lack of stress. I’m not destitute, I have enough to live on but I’m having to check my bank balance all the time. I don’t want a particularly high standard of living I just want not to have financial anxiety all the time. Luckily my new jobs doing well and I got a promotion last month, so I hope I’ll reach a place where I get that back soon.

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