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Advice Please ……

Hi everyone ,

I hope that you’re all keeping safe and well ?

I’m moving over from the UK within the next 18 months to live in beautiful Brisbane with my wife and 2 year old daughter.

I’ve lived out here previously in the city over ten years ago before I met my wife.

I’m looking to hopefully settle somewhere Bayside , but hearing lots of conflicting things about crime being high ect .. if any one could shed any light and offer any advice on good suburbs it would be very much appreciated.
My wife’s a nurse so not really stuck to a specific area for work.
Just wanting a family oriented area , with good parks ect … and ideally close to the water. Schooling and day care is also another important factor.
We will have a budget of 7-750k looking for a a 3-4 bed with pool.

Brisbane Structural Engineers Brisbane Structural Engineers

Thanks guys 😀

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