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ABC News Prime: COVID-19 new hotspots; naval base terror attack; 500 year flood in Michigan – live news stream

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  1. Why do you wear a mask? To protect others… thats what they keep saying. So… if trump is testes every day, and knows he does not have the ccp virus… why would he wear a mask? He does not need to protect others from catching something he doesn't have. He shows courage by not wearing one, showing that he is not afraid of the ccp virus.

  2. Can't talk about what DON'T Exist.
    Can't ask to be born.
    Don't want to die.
    REFUSE TO TEACH THE LAWS OF COMMANDMENTS OF THE MOST HIGH ONE written in the BOOK Exodus chapter 20: 1-17 therefore expect GREAT DISASTROUS DISASTERS. Men can NOT rule the WORLD. IT is written to have DOMINION OVER living things that Move, IT IS NOT WRITTEN THAT Mankind of any Nations should have DOMINION OVER THE EARTH!!!!!!!.

  3. In case you don't know by now, Trump's "ban" wasn't a ban at all – it only prohibited NON-U.S Citizens and then only those who were not immediate family of U.S. Citizens. Around 40,000 people poured back into the U.S. Trump didn't limit travel from Europe originally, either, even though the virus had already spread so people came in from there for weeks, too. 95,000 dead and thousands more every few days, 30+Million filing for Unemployment, ineffective testing and contact tracing – all due to a lack of Federal leadership. Thanks Trump! …do we feel "Great Again"?

  4. America should stop the lie about being the richest country in the world. Your wellbeing sucks, your inequality hurts. A huge pile of money doesn't make you rich if you can't get at it or get your fair share. Heaps of swimming pools but no water.

  5. Sweden did not lock down the country, and their statistics show now that mortality during March and April 2020 are not higher than during worst flu outbreaks in the recent past: "insurances" closed this country because they don't want to pay when we are actually sick – "insurances" are simply parasites on our backs.

  6. Colonna Crime Corporation

    Colonna, Prince Assistants to the Papal Throne, Corporatism, Freemasonry and the Vatican, Royal Order of Jesters, Oddfellow Order, Grand Lodge of Ireland, Bain & Company, Mormonism, and Mitt Romney, Colombo Crime Syndicate, Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels, Chicago Mob, Polish Mob, Dolan Family, Giovanneli-Marconi and Mancinelli-Scotti Families, Alchemical Orders of Martinists, Walgreens, DuPont, Scientology, Knights of Columbus, Vallone Family of New York City, Andrew Cuomo, and the Vatican's Empire State

  7. Why American refused to wear the masks at the beginning? Why Americans only stop the entry from China? Why Americans didn’t carry the quarantine to all the passengers enter the states as others countries did? Why Americans had so poor quantity of inspection even at the second period?

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