A Question for Brissy Motorist Nerds 🤓

When Qld govt followed NSW a few years ago and renamed freeways motorways, plus giving them a new “M” alphanumeric designation, why did they rename most, but not all? Viz, the M5 Centenary Motorway is also often still called the Centenary Highway, M3 Gympie Arterial Road not renamed M3 Gympie Motorway, M3 Riverside Expressway not renamed M3 Riverside Motorway or subsumed into the adjacent Pacific Motorway, M1 Bruce Highway not Bruce Motorway (although it is called that further north of Brisbane), M5 Western Freeway, M7 East-West Arterial Rd, & M7 Clem7/CJT. Sydney has similar anachronisms, such as the M1 Warringah Freeway & M2 Gore Hill Freeway, &c. Thanks a lot, Reditters!

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