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$5,000 Giveaway With Special Guest Willem Powerfish!

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners.
    I just want to make one observation, last year's $5,000 winner and this year $5,000 winner are both from Australia. What's up with that Isaac, I had an entry and I live in Canada?$5,000 Australian dollars ($4960.00 Canadian dollars) would have come in handy in the Great White North. Yes, Canada 🇨🇦 is the Great White North! Also, -15°C today.🥶

  2. How did I know that they would all be Australian winners, LOL! Not shocked one bit. I'm pretty sure all these people were already chosen before the contest even started and we're told, hey act like you're really excited about this! I know you're not really getting any of this stuff but just act excited!

  3. I wont quit for my daughters sake,lost my will i dont think i can take it anymore for 3 months when my so called neighbours can't even offer assistance after conversion.I don't think my mentality can handle another day,im really on my ropes.Let me pray.Let me make peace .I really need assistance please

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